Effects of Cell Phone Radiation on Pregnancy

Published: 11th June 2010
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The most recent topic of debate, which has been in limelight since many years, is the side-effects of cell phone radiations on the health of the pregnant females. There are ample of ill-effects affecting the physical, mental and the emotional state of a pregnant mother. The cellular radiations impart an adverse affect on the growing fetus as well as on the well being of a woman during her gradual stages of pregnancy. Further, these detrimental radiations emitted by a cell phone play their role in shaping the later life of the woman as well as the newborn. The visible absolute effects on the fitness of these women and their embryos are still unknown to the doctors. Presently, it is the current topic of research. The medical professionals are yet to determine the exact symptoms and the causes of it. And the main reason for this indeterminacy is the inability for testing the gradual stages of pregnancy.

Long Term Effects Of Exposure To Radiation
There are numerous people who are unaware of the fact that they are being continually exposed to the injurious cellular radiations around them which are negatively affecting their health. One cannot deny this fact that these invisible radiations can impart a deep-rooted ill-effect on the life plus health of the child which is yet to be born! These radiations have an unpleasant affect on the life of the developing child as well as the mother during pregnancy. They deeply affect the brain cells of mother and her child.

In addition to this, the radiations that are imparted by the cell phones can injure blood circulation system and cause cancerous or malignant growth of cells. There are many problems which are faced by the fetus during his development. These radiations can unfavorably affect the memory and result in reduced mental ability of the child in future!

Birth Imperfections
If the fetus is in the early stages of its development then the radiations emitted by these cool cellular gadgets can have a dangerous affect on his process of organ formation. If it is exposed to these radiations frequently then it can result in the mental retardation of the child thereby reducing his future development.

These radiations cause several births defects. If you are pregnant then you must make it sure that the immature fetus, respiring, inside your body must not be exposed to these cellular radiations, mainly in the first 25 weeks of pregnancy. This is the period when your would-be child is in the most delicate stage of its existence.

So, these were some common problems which are faced by some pregnant women and their budding child because of the radiations emitted by the cell phones.

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